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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 1/15/2018

Liam Makes a Final Decision

Steffy tearfully begs Liam to give their marriage another chance, for the sake of their unborn child. Liam listens to her plea but then very calmly says that he will never get past what she did with his father, takes off his wedding ring, and hands annulment papers to Steffy.  She cries and begs him not to go through with the annulment. Liam simply says that they will find a way to make parenting work, but not a marriage. He also tells Steffy that he doesn’t regret their time together because they had a lot of good times.  After a montage of happy Liam and Steffy moments, Steffy takes the papers from Liam, and Liam leaves the house. They are both in tears.

Bill briefly talks to Justin about how he is going to figure out a way to save his family. “This is not the end of the Spencers!”

Sally and Hope discuss Liam’s unhappiness due to something that Steffy did. Hope tells Sally that they’ll work it out, they always do. When Hope asks Sally to tell her where Liam is staying, Sally refuses to tell her. Hope gets Sally to admit that she has feelings for Liam and if his marriage to Steffy is over, SHE will be there to help him pick up the pieces.


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