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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 1/16/2018

Ridge Finally Puts a Ring on It

Carter apologizes to Maya for expressing his feelings for her. Maya says that while it was inappropriate since she is happily married, she is still flattered.

Over breakfast in bed, Ridge and Brooke discuss her annulment from Bill, so that they can move on with their life together.

Thorne and Rick bring up Ridge and Quinn’s betrayal to Eric. They hint at removing Ridge from his position because he will never be trustworthy. Eric doesn’t want to rehash the Quinn and Ridge infidelity again. Rick says that he is concerned that Ridge will hurt his mother again. Thorne asks Eric to put Rick in charge of Forrester creations again since they can’t rely on Ridge.

Carter arrives at Bill’s office to deliver the annulment papers for Bill and Brooke’s marriage.  Bill quickly signs the papers. After Carter leaves, Justin points out that Bill signed those papers rather quickly and wondered if it was because he wanted to be free to pursue Steffy if she and Liam didn’t work things out. Justin also pointed out that the Forresters, especially Ridge would not be happy when they learned what he had done with Steffy.

Carter calls Ridge to let him know that the annulment papers have been signed. Ridge and Brooke are overjoyed. Ridge pulls Brooke’s engagement ring out of the nightstand drawer, gets down on one knee, and officially asks Brooke to marry him. She says yes, of course.

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