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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 1/17/2018

Will Bill and Steffy reunite?

Bill assures Steffy that she will not be alone, no matter what. Steffy tells him that she can’t even think about that, and tells him to go. He says that he is only a phone call away, day or night.

The Forresters have a family meeting in the office at Forrester Creations. Ridge and Brooke announce their  engagement , while everyone congratulates them and a

sks them when they will tie the knot. Brooke tells Hope that she would like to ask Steffy to be her maid of honor to promote family unity.

Brooke heads to Steffy and Liam’s house to tell Steffy about the engagement and to ask her to be her maid of honor. Steffy answers the door, disheveled, and Brooke can tell that something is wrong, but Steffy tries to convince her that everything is fine. When Brooke tells Steffy that she and Ridge want Liam and Steffy to be part of their special day, Steffy says that won’t be possible. Brooke thinks Steffy isn’t happy about her father and Brooke being together again, but Steffy assures her that she only wants what makes her dad happy and she knows that Brooke makes him happy. Steffy breaks down and tells Brooke that Liam will not be part of their special day because Liam will not be coming home ever again.  Brooke pleads with Steffy to tell her what is going on because she wants to help.

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