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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 1/18/2018

Will Steffy tell Brooke and Ridge why Liam left?

Thorne finds out that Brooke and Bill’s marriage has been annulled so he doesn’t have the 6 months that he thought he had to try to stop Brooke from marrying Ridge.

Ridge goes to Bill’s office to thank him for signing the annulment papers.  He also tells Bill that he’s going to try harder to respect him since he is Steffy’s father in law. Ridge asks if Bill has another woman waiting in the wings, to be his next trophy wife.

Brooke tries to get Steffy to open up about why she thinks her marriage to Liam is over.  Steffy refuses to tell her. Brooke asks if she can talk to Bill about it so that Bill can persuade Liam to get past whatever it is. Steffy tells her not to talk to Bill.

Back at the office, Brooke tells Ridge that something is going on between Steffy and Liam. Ridge wonders if Liam cheated on Steffy but Brooke insists that couldn’t be it because Steffy didn’t have a single bad word to say about Liam, but she was sad and scared. Ridge storms over to Steffy and Liam’s house to find out what’s going on. At first Steffy says that she can’t tell him because he would hate her if he knew. Ridge insists that he will love Steffy til the day he dies, so Steffy agrees that she needs to tell him the truth. Stay tuned tomorrow for the fireworks !

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