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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 1/19/2018

Ridge Finds Out About Steffy and Bill

Brooke drops in on Bill at his office.  She tells him she has a hunch that there’s a new woman in his life since he signed the annulment papers so quickly.  She explains that she came to see Bill because she’s worried about what’s going on between Steffy and Liam. Bill tells her that they should just stay out of it and let Liam and Steffy work it out.

Hope reaches out to Liam via text. She tells him that she’s back and asks where he is staying. He sends her his location and she shows up at his hotel. Hope tells Liam that she is sorry that he is hurting and hopes that Steffy and Liam work things out. She also warns Liam that Sally Spectra is waiting in the wings in case things don’t work out with Steffy.

Steffy tells Ridge that she is finally pregnant with the baby that’s she’s always wanted. Ridge is thrilled for her, but Steffy has a hard time expressing any joy and tells him that Liam is never coming home. He tells Steffy that all couples fight and that Liam would get over it and come back. Steffy talks to Ridge about the kiss between Sally and Liam and how upset she had been. Then she tells him that someone helped her that night when she was upset, that he listened to her and held her and that something happened that shouldn’t have. Ridge consoles her and says it’s ok, but asks who it was. Steffy tells him it was Bill.  The scene ends with a look of murderous rage on Ridge’s face. Look out Bill!

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