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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 1/22/2018

Ridge Confronts Bill

The show opens with Steffy telling Ridge that she slept with Bill. Ridge declares that he is going to kill Bill. Ridge tells Steffy that he knows that Bill assaulted her. Steffy says that Bill didn’t physically hurt her but Ridge insists that he used her and he would make sure Bill rots in jail. Steffy is adamant that there was no crime committed. She also tells Ridge that Bill has feelings for her, even loves her, and that’s why Brooke hasn’t heard from him. Ridge insists that Bill used her. He is even more upset because he thinks he should have protected her from Bill.

Brooke asks Bill why he is so sure that Steffy won’t open up to Ridge about what’s going on between Steffy and Liam. Brooke continues to chisel at Bill to get him to tell her what happened.

Hope tells Liam that it breaks her heart to see him like this. Liam doesn’t want to tell Hope what happened. Hope changes the subject and tells Liam that she is back in town for good. They tell each other that they missed one another while Hope was gone.  Hope tells Liam about the time she spent in Italy and the charity work that was so important to her there. She gets Liam to smile when she tells him that she actually learned to cook. There is definitely still chemistry between these two.

Ridge leaves Steffy at the beach house and storms over to Bill’s office. The scene ends with Ridge asking Bill, “What did you do to my daughter??”

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