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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 1/23/2018

Will Ridge and Bill Work Together to Save Liam and Steffy’s Marriage?

Ridge sends Brooke to the beach house to see Steffy. Steffy tells her that she is pregnant, and Liam left because he found out about the paternity test.  Brooke seems sympathetic and asks who the other man was. Steffy admits that it was Bill and Brooke is shocked. Steffy explains why it happened and that Bill didn’t force himself on her. Brooke was angry at first, assuming that Steffy and Bill were having an affair when Brooke and Bill were still together. She softened though, when she found out that it only happened once. Brooke turns her focus to Ridge and is very worried when Steffy tells her that Ridge knows what happened. Steffy begs Brooke to help her calm her Dad down.


Ridge grabs Bill by the collar and yells at him for forcing himself on his “little girl” and tells him that there will be consequences.  He starts to leave Bill’s office but comes back in and throws a chair when Bill tells him that what happened was consensual, and that he wasn’t a predator. Bill doesn’t blame Ridge for being angry but wants a chance to explain what happened. He explains that he bonded with Steffy during the time that Steffy was trying to help mend the relationship between him and Liam and that he has real feelings for Steffy. Ridge tells Bill that he will never be with Steffy in this lifetime. Bill agrees and says he’s going to do everything in his power to keep Liam and Steffy together and says he needs Ridge’s help to do that. Ridge punches Bill in the face, tells him to stay away from Steffy, then says that he is going to the police to file charges against him.

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