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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 1/25/2018

Will Liam Forgive Steffy?

Steffy begs Liam to forgive her for the sake of their baby. Liam tells her that she needs to be eating and taking care of herself for the sake of the baby, and tells her that maybe she could have a life with his father since they have more in common. He says that as hard as he has tried, he can’t forgive her and will never be able to.

Brooke shows up at Bill’s office while he’s wincing due to the bruise that Ridge gave him when he punched him in the face.  Brooke chastises Bill for screwing up his whole family by sleeping with Steffy. She remembers Bill threatening to get back at Liam but can’t believe that he would stoop so low.  He tells her that it wasn’t like that. Brooke is stunned that he might have actual feelings for Steffy. Brooke tells him that for the sake of their entire family, he cannot pursue Steffy, and shouts at him to leave her alone.

Back at the Forrester office, Hope asks Ridge if they can talk and tells him that she’s worried about Steffy. Ridge tells her that maybe she should stay out of it since she and Steffy have always been rivals, especially where Liam is concerned. Hope asks Ridge to tell her what happened between Liam and Steffy. Ridge just tells her not to worry about Steffy and Liam and they are going to be fine.

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