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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 1/26/2018

Will Ridge Get Through to Liam?

Bill goes to Steffy and Liam’s to see Steffy. He wants to know if Liam and Steffy are working things out. Steffy tells him that Liam said he will never take her back. Bill encourages Steffy to sign the annulment papers so that she can move on and stop beating herself up. He tells her that she needs to start taking care of herself and her baby. Bill says that he wants to do everything he can to help Liam and Steffy get through this and he will be the best grandfather he can be to their baby, but he would also make a great step father to this baby if Liam and Steffy can’t work it out. Steffy tells him that she can’t think about that right now and tells him to go. Bill insists that he is there to love her if that’s what she decides.

Hope tells Brooke that something catastrophic must have happened for Liam to walk out on his pregnant wife and asks if she knows what happened. Hope asks if Steffy had an affair and Brooke tells her that it was more of an indiscretion. Hope guesses that the indiscretion was with Bill.

Ridge visits Liam to tell him that he needs to work things out with Steffy. He doesn’t want Liam to let Bill steal his family. Ridge asks Liam why he can’t see that Bill manipulated Steffy, just the way he always manipulates everyone around him, and tells him to go protect his wife and child from that man. Liam tells Ridge that he’ll think about it. Ridge tells him to go to Steffy right now and fix it.


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