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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 1/30/2018

Will Ridge and Thorne Finally Make Amends?

Ridge and Brooke tell R.J. that they are going to get married right away and get their family back together. R.J. is thrilled of course.

Everyone shows up to the Forrester Creations office for the meeting that Ridge called. Ridge announces to everyone that they will be getting married very soon. Everyone starts asking questions about when and where. Brooke makes her way across the room to talk to Thorne because she knows he doesn’t approve. Thorne says that he just hopes that his brother doesn’t hurt her.

Quinn and Eric offer to have the wedding at their house. Brooke is a little hesitant but finally agrees. Quinn is thrilled and says that they will make it absolutely beautiful.

After everyone leaves the office, Ridge and Thorne are there alone. Ridge tells Thorne that he wants to start working together and getting along. He asks Thorne to be his best man. Surprisingly, Thorne says he’ll do it. He will be Ridge’s best man.

Brooke asks Katie to be her maid of honor, which Katie happily accepts.

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