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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 1/31/2018

Could Something Be Starting Between Katie and Thorne?

Rick and Maya were running late and missed the family announcement that Ridge and Brooke are getting married right away. Brooke fills them in and asks for Rick’s support, even though she knows he’s not a fan of Ridge’s.

Ridge and Thorne hug again and agree that they want to get along, when Eric walks into the office, confused by the hug. They tell Eric that they have agreed to bury the hatchet. Thorne is going to stand up for Ridge at his wedding and Ridge will stop calling Thorne “little brother”. Eric is overjoyed that his boys are going to try to get along.

Thorne tells Brooke that she has his blessing and he really wants this to work for her.

The whole Forrester clan meets in the office for a champagne toast where they all wish Ridge and Brooke the best, including Rick and Thorne.

Katie and Thorne put their heads together to make plans for the wedding. Katie thinks it’s great that Thorne is being supportive since she knows that Thorne has feelings for Brooke. She tells him that there is a great girl out there for him. Is there a spark between Katie and Thorne? What about Wyatt?

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