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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 2/1/2018

Who Will Liam Choose…Steffy? Sally? Hope?

Brooke and Ridge tell Steffy that they are getting married right away and they would like Liam and Steffy to be there together. Steffy tells them that isn’t going to happen because Liam isn’t going to change his mind. Brooke and Ridge want to help Steffy reconnect with Liam and put their family back together.

Sally visits Liam at his hotel with a home cooked meal. Liam apologizes for dropping the ball with Spectra when he had promised to help them get back on their feet. Sally tells him that she’ll take care of Spectra and asks about Steffy. Liam doesn’t want to talk to her about Steffy. Sally says she hopes he works things out with Steffy but if that isn’t going to happen, she wants him to find a way to move on. Liam tells her it will be a long time before he would be ready for that. She apologizes for being so brutally honest. They tell each other that they are grateful for each other’s friendship.

Wyatt walks into his mom’s office at Forrester to find Hope sitting at her desk. He hadn’t seen her since she got back to town. Their conversation is awkward to begin with due to their history. She tries to explain why she had to leave. Wyatt tells her she looks great and it’s nice that she’s back.

Hope visits Steffy at the beach house to shame her for betraying Liam with Bill. Steffy wants to know why Hope is getting involved in this and tells her to stay out of it. Hope says that she wants Steffy and Liam to work things out but if they don’t, it was Steffy’s doing.

Ridge and Brooke drop in on Liam at his hotel room after Sally has gone. Ridge and Brooke tell him that he needs to put his family back together but he doesn’t want to discuss things with them. Brooke points out that she and Ridge have had to forgive each other in order to put their family back together so they know Liam can do the same. Then they tell him that they want him to be at their wedding, with Steffy. They want him to see how 2 people who have hurt each other in the past, can put it behind them and find happiness again.

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