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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 2/12/2018

Is This the End for Katie and Wyatt?

Ridge and Brooke are home alone together after their wedding reception, talking about what a fantastic wedding day they had. After making sure that R. J. will be out for the evening, Ridge and Brooke have a romantic candlelight interlude in their bedroom.

Wyatt is waiting at Katie’s house when she arrives home, after the wedding. She tries to kiss him, but he pulls away. Wyatt says he is just tired from spending the day with Liam. Then he says that he needs to talk to her about their relationship. Wyatt tells her that he needs to end their relationship because neither one of them is ready to make a commitment to the other, and because he wants to have a good relationship with his dad, and Bill would be extremely unhappy if he found out. Wyatt tells Katie that she deserves more and tearfully says that he cares too much about her to hold her back. Katie says she understands where he is coming from and doesn’t want to hold him back. She tells him that he has been really good for her and doesn’t want to lose him as a friend. They both agree that they have no regrets. They kiss goodbye in tears.

Maya, having seen the kiss between Thorne and Katie earlier in the day, asks Thorne if he can feel the romance in the air. Thorne plays dumb, but Maya tells him that she saw the kiss and wants to know if there is something going on between Thorne and Katie. Thorne explains that Katie was a friend but they were thrown together to plan the wedding and grew closer.

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