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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 2/13/2018

Steffy vs. Hope…The Battle Begins

Hope and Brooke chat about Hope’s feelings for Liam. Hope says that it’s important for everyone to do what’s best for the baby that’s on the way.

Ridge visits Liam and tells him that it’s time to step up and do the right thing.

Steffy is taking care of herself and the baby at home, doing yoga and taking her vitamins.

Katie is alone, remembering her past times with Wyatt. Thorne shows up at her front door to see if she wants a ride to work. Katie tells him that she’s taking a personal day because she and her mystery guy broke up last night .Thorne advises her to let go and move on. Thorne tells her that he isn’t sorry that they broke up, and that he would like to repeat their kiss. He suggests that maybe they should have a no strings attached relationship and see where it leads. Thorne massages Katie’s shoulders. Katie tells him that a relationship now would be a rebound relationship, but she would like to go out with him in the future.

Steffy calls Hope and wants to meet with her. Hope doesn’t know what she’ll say to Steffy because she is worried about how Liam feels and will always love him. Hope tells Steffy that she just can’t understand how she could have done this to Liam. Steffy asks Hope to help her hang onto her marriage. Steffy picks up Hope’s phone to hand it to her and sees that she received a text from Liam. Steffy asks Hope if part of her wants a relationship with him again, and tells her that she knows it would be easy for Liam to want to be with her.

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