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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 2/16/2018

Will it be a Boy or a Girl for Steffy and Liam?

Hope arrives home to find Ridge and Brooke talking. She says that she did her best to convince Liam to take Steffy back. She promises not to interfere in Steffy and Liam’s marriage as long as Steffy keeps her promise to be true to Liam.

Steffy is at the doctor’s office for her ultrasound, waiting a few minutes in case Liam shows up. Liam finally arrives. He says that he is glad that Steffy called him, and she tells him that it means a lot to her that he is there to share this with her. Steffy tells the doctor that she has begun to feel fluttering, which surprises Liam. Both Liam and Steffy are so happy to see their healthy baby that they grab each other’s hands. The doctor tells them that they are having a baby girl and they share an emotional, tear filled , happy moment. Steffy asks Liam is he can find forgiveness in his heart for her for the sake of their daughter, while Liam stares at the ultrasound picture of their little girl.

Katie calls Thorne to tell him she thinks he has her phone. Thorne agrees to swing by Katie’s to return her phone to her. When he gets there, he tells Katie that he knows that her mystery man is Wyatt. Katie admits to that but then tells Thorne that it’s better for Wyatt that they ended things. Thorne offers to help Katie get over him. Thorne thinks that maybe the reason he came back to town was for Katie and not Brooke. Katie says she is attracted to Thorne but isn’t sure she’s ready for a relationship, but then they kiss.

Brooke tells Hope how proud she is of her for supporting Steffy, even though she knows she has feelings for Liam.

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