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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 2/2/2018

Will Hope Admit That She Still Has Feelings For Liam?

Katie and Thorne are meeting with a small group of the Forresters to plan Brooke and Ridge’s wedding. Everyone asks Katie why she’s in such a great mood, and thinks she must have a new man in her life, but she’s not ready to admit it.

Brooke and Ridge continue to try to convince Liam to come with Steffy to their wedding. Ridge tries to convince him that all of this drama is Bill’s fault. Liam would like to believe that but Steffy already told him that’s not what happened.

Steffy tells Hope that there is no worse judgment she can pass on her than she has already passed upon herself. Hope insists that she wants Steffy and Liam to work things out.

Ridge tells Steffy that he and Brooke talked to Liam about coming to the wedding and Steffy hopes they got through to him.

Steffy goes to see Liam at his hotel room and asks him if he might consider going with her. He is still resisting the idea so Steffy begs him to go.

Hope talks to Brooke and says that she doesn’t think they should push Liam into going to their wedding. Brooke wants to know if Hope still has feelings for Liam.


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