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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 2/20/2018

Everyone Finds Out That It’s a Baby Girl for Liam and Steffy

Steffy tells Ridge that she’s having a girl. He is thrilled for her and asks if Liam showed up for the ultrasound. Steffy happily told him that Liam did show and that the sonogram had an impact on him, but that he’s still not ready to forgive her, but she is hopeful.

Liam tells Wyatt that he’s having a baby girl. Wyatt asks him how it feels. Liam says it was awesome and he has Hope to thank for it. Wyatt wants to know if the experience changed Liam’s feelings toward Steffy. Liam still can’t get the image of his dad and Steffy out of his head. Liam asks Wyatt how things are going with Katie. Wyatt tells him that he saw Katie kiss Thorne and broke things off with her. Wyatt encourages Liam to keep trying to lose the thoughts of their dad with Steffy for the sake of his little girl.

Hope is re-launching her Hope for the Future clothing line and tells Rick and Maya that Ridge asked Thorne to design for it.

Steffy tells Hope that she is having a little girl. Hope hugs her and tells her how happy she is for her, but we see the true look on Hope’s face, showing that she is less than happy. Hope continues to encourage Steffy that things will work out for her and Liam. Steffy thanks Hope for helping her with Liam. Then she congratulates Hope on her re-launch of Hope for the Future and tells her that she supports her.

Wyatt tells Liam that he needs to get back out into the world and get some sunlight. Liam mentions that Hope said the same thing and offered to have him come to work with her on Hope for the Future.

Alone in his hotel room, Liam thinks about the ultrasound experience with Steffy, but also thinks about the moments he has shared with Hope recently. Liam is clearly becoming conflicted about whether or not he should go back to Steffy or rekindle a relationship with Hope.

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