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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 2/21/2018

Is Hope’s Relationship With Liam Truly Innocent?

Wyatt lets Bill know that Steffy and Liam are having a girl, and that Liam was there for the ultrasound. Bill wants to know if Liam was happy. Wyatt tells Bill that it’s a possibility that Liam and Steffy could reconcile, but it’s unlikely that Liam will ever reconcile with him. Bill wants Wyatt to get him a copy of the ultrasound photo, but Wyatt refuses. Bill learns from Wyatt that Liam has been leaning on Hope for support lately and he shakes his head because he knows that’s dangerous for Liam. Bill tells Wyatt that Steffy needs to watch her back with Hope in the picture.

Hope holds a meeting for the re-launch of Hope for the Future. Katie is surprised to hear that Thorne is the new designer. Hope tells the group that her focus is to appeal to millenials by donating a share of the profits to causes that they care about.

Steffy and Ridge have a conversation about Liam and Steffy can’t believe how helpful Hope has been. Ridge warns that Hope needs to limit the amount of time that she is spending with Liam. Ridge says that he loves Hope because he’s married to her mother but that Steffy needs to be careful with her.

Liam calls Hope to accept her offer of working for Hope For the Future and asks if he can meet her to run some ideas by her. He doesn’t want to meet at Forrester for obvious reasons so Hope agrees to go to his hotel room. Liam’s face lights up. He is obviously falling for Hope again.

When Hope arrives, she and Liam have some friendly banter and then sit down to talk about his business ideas. While Liam is talking, Hope notices the ultrasound picture of his daughter and gets emotional. She packs up her things and rushes out, crying. She obviously has feelings for Liam but is trying not to interfere in his growing family.

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