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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 2/22/2018

Wyatt and Katie Together Again

Quinn is talking to Wyatt and wants to know why he seems unhappy. She asks about Katie and is happy when Wyatt tells her that they ended things. Wyatt tells Quinn that he doesn’t want things to end the way they ended and calls Katie. He tells Katie that he is coming over right now.

Sally barges into Bill’s office and wants to know why he keeps cancelling their meetings. She tells him that she knows that Liam and Steffy are having difficulties, so she needs to work with Bill on getting Spectra back on its feet since Liam is busy. She gives him 3 site options for the new Spectra Fashions and asks him to choose one. Bill said he chooses option 4…none of them. He says that his helping was contingent upon Liam working at Spencer and since Liam no longer works there, he has no obligation to help her. Goodbye Sally! Sally tells him that he’s a monster and someday, somebody will stop his reign of terror. Bill flippantly tells her “not today”!

Brooke and Katie talk about Wyatt. Katie doesn’t understand why he broke things off right after Brooke and Ridge’s wedding.

Ridge and Steffy are chatting in the Forrester office. Ridge continues to try to convince Steffy that Bill preyed on her. He vows to protect her from ever being hurt again.

Wyatt arrives at Katie’s and explains why he ended things on the day of Brooke and Ridge’s wedding. He tells her that he saw her kissing Thorne. He says that he was confused because he was hurt and jealous even though they were supposed to have a no strings attached relationship. He confesses that he is crazy about her and that’s why he texted her. Katie is confused because she never got a text (Wyatt texted her the day that Thorne accidentally had her phone, and Thorne failed to mention the text.) Katie figure out that Thorne didn’t tell her about the text. Wyatt tells her to put that aside for now because he has realized that he wants her in his life, and he has fallen completely and madly in love with her. Katie tells him that she loves him too.


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