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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 2/23/2018

How Far Will Sally Go to Get Revenge on Bill?

Wyatt and Katie decide that they need to tell Bill about their relationship. Wyatt tells Katie that he is never going to lose her again. He pulls a ring out of his pocket and proposes to Katie! She says yes!

Justin questions Bill about going back on his promise to help Sally. Bill tells him that with Liam out of the picture, he has no reason to help Sally. Bill laments that Liam is no longer in his life and he won’t get to be part of his granddaughter’s life. Justin reminds him that he still has Wyatt.

Sally is at the shooting range blowing off steam. She tells her family that Bill is refusing to honor his promise to relocate Spectra. As Sally continues to shoot at the target, she tells them that she has a plan to make Bill pay.

Sally charges into Bill’s office to give him one last chance to honor their agreement. He yells at her and tells her that they never had an agreement. Her agreement was with Liam and he’s gone. Sally tells him that he’s messing with the wrong woman. Justin tries to intervene but Bill tells him that he can leave. Bill and Sally continue to yell at each other. Bill turns his back to her and Sally picks up the gun that Bill had conveniently left on his desk. She fires and we hear Bill gasp. Did Sally shoot Bill or “Sky”, the skyscraper replica that Bill has been obsessed with building?

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