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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 2/26/2018

How Will Bill Take the News?

It turns out that Sally shot the skyscraper model, not Bill. Bill tells her that she will never intimidate him. Justin and then the security guard come rushing into Bill’s office after hearing the gunshot. Bill assures them that everything is fine and sends them away. Bill tells Sally to stay away from him or he will put her in jail for shooting at him.

Katie tells Wyatt “yes” again. They agree to “celebrate” together before setting out to tell everyone else. While still lying in bed with Wyatt, Katie calls Thorne to let him know that she and Wyatt are back together and engaged. Then Katie tells Wyatt that now that their secret is out, they need to tell Bill quickly.

Hope and Steffy are talking in the Forrester office. Hope wants to make sure that Steffy will be loyal to Liam if they get back together. Steffy wants to know why she keeps asking her that and then asks if she still has feelings for Liam. She doesn’t really give Hope a chance to answer before she launches into a speech about how she wants to put her family back together for her daughter’s sake. Hope tells her that she doesn’t have to worry about any interference from her.

Thorne tells Brooke that Katie and Wyatt are engaged. Brooke is worried about what Bill will do when he finds out.

Wyatt walks into Bill’s office to talk to him and just about gets shot by Bill, when he thinks that Wyatt is Sally coming back. Wyatt tells Bill he has something to tell him and then calls Katie into the office. They beat around the bush about telling him, but when they finally do, Bill can’t believe it. Bill thinks it’s disgusting for his son and ex-wife to be together and orders them to end their relationship. When they announce their engagement, Bill tells them that they will get married over his dead body!

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