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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 2/27/2018

Will Wyatt Give Up Everything for Katie?

Bill demands that Katie take off the ring and she says no! She tells Bill they just told him out of courtesy, but he does not have a say in the matter. Bill insists that it’s twisted for the two of them to be together. Bill threatens Wyatt’s job if they continue their relationship. Katie demands respect from Bill because she always gave him respect, no matter what he did to her. Bill accuses Katie of seducing Wyatt as payback for Bill wanting Brooke. Bill tells Wyatt that if he disgraces him and his family this way, then he is no longer Bill’s son. Wyatt can’t understand why Bill can’t be happy that they are happy. Bill tells him to make a decision, Katie or him. He tells Wyatt that if he chooses Katie, he will take away his job and his home. Bill also tells Katie to be prepared for a custody battle over Will if she pursues this. Wyatt tells Bill that he is despicable and wishes that Sally had shot him. Bill rips the sword necklace off of him and tells Wyatt that he will come crawling back. Wyatt tells him that if he does one thing to come after Will, it will be the last thing he does.

Steffy tells Ridge that she thinks he’s right and that Hope does have feelings for Liam. Ridge warns her to keep an eye on Hope. After more discussion, Ridge tells her that he hates Bill more than anything else in the world.

Liam calls Hope because he wants to get together. She hesitates but finally agrees to meet him for dinner.  When they meet, Liam tells her that he really wants to help her with HFTF re-launch. Hope wonders if Liam will want to go back to working at Spencer someday but Liam says probably not. Hope agrees to have Liam work with her. Watch out Steffy!

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