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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 2/5/2018

Katie and Thorne Bond Over Wedding Plans

Steffy tries to convince Liam to go to Ridge and Brooke’s wedding. Liam tells her that she needs to go alone and give them his best. Steffy doesn’t know how they can be parents together in a meaningful way if Liam can’t even be in the same room with her. Steffy refuses to admit that they are over.

Brooke still wants to know if Hope has feelings for Liam. Hope explains that she  can’t not care about Liam.

Katie and Thorne meet to finalize wedding plans. Thorne tells Katie that for his next romance, he is going to use the “NSA” no strings-attached method. Katie encourages him to use a dating app, but Thorne says that nobody would be as beautiful as his present company. They talk about dates for the wedding and both declare that they are going alone. Thorne tells Katie that he plans to drink, dance, and hang out with her at the wedding since her mystery man won’t be there.

Hope knocks on Liam’s hotel door with food that she made for him. She tells him that she knows about Steffy and Bill now and she is so sorry for him. Liam tells her that he wants Steffy to sign annulment papers. He also tells her that he hasn’t wanted to see anyone that has knocked on his door until she showed up. Hope promises to be around for him if he needs her and they hug.

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