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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 2/6/2018

Who Will Show Up to the Wedding Tomorrow?

At Steffy and Liam’s house, Ridge wants to know if Steffy got through to Liam. She said they’ll find out at the wedding tomorrow.

Thorne stops by Brooke’s house to chat. Brooke asks if Thorne stopped pursuing her so easily because he has feelings for Katie. Thorne points out that Katie has her mystery man, and Brooke assures Thorne that Katie’s mystery man is not right for her, and that weddings are a good place to let loose.

Wyatt asks Katie if he could go to the wedding with her, as their announcement to the world that they are a couple. Katie says she doesn’t think it’s a good idea because she doesn’t want to turn Brooke and Ridge’s wedding day into something that’s all about them. Wyatt says that he understands but asks if there is another reason that Katie doesn’t want to go public. Katie assures him that everything is fine and kisses him. While lying naked together, inter twined in the bed sheets, Katie asks Wyatt if he’s disappointed that she isn’t taking him to the wedding. Wyatt says that he’s fine with things the way they are now as long as she’s happy with that.

Hope and Liam are still discussing what Steffy and Bill did to him, and Hope just can’t fathom how Steffy could have done that to Liam. Liam expresses his gratitude to Hope for her friendship, and for not trying to force him to go to the wedding.

Brooke and Ridge look forward to their wedding tomorrow.

Steffy texts Liam to beg him to come to the wedding tomorrow. They have a flashback to moments from their wedding in Sydney.

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