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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 2/7/2018

Will Liam Show Up For the Wedding?

Brooke decides that she wants Stephanie’s picture over the mantle at the Forrester house for the wedding ceremony, watching them exchange their vows.

Donna shows up as Brooke is dressing for the wedding. All 3 Logan girls have some bonding time.

Eric gives Ridge cuff links that Quinn designed, as a wedding gift. Eric is so happy that his sons are getting along. RJ is thrilled that his parents are getting married again.

Katie and Thorne chat for a few minutes before the wedding.  Thorne tells Katie that he can’t wait for their dance.

Eric knocks on Brooke’s door to have a few words with her before the wedding. He thanks her for making Stephanie a part of their wedding day by hanging her portrait over the mantle.

Steffy shows up before the wedding. Hope tells her that she hasn’t seen Liam yet. As everyone is sitting down for the ceremony, Liam calls Steffy to tell her that he isn’t going to be there. Hope notices the look on Steffy’s face and goes to sit beside her so she won’t be alone.

The episode ends with the wedding march playing and Brooke walking down the stairs to her awaiting groom.

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