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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 2/9/2018

A Special Visitor At Brooke and Ridge’s Reception

Brooke, Ridge, and the rest of the Forresters celebrate at the wedding reception. They dance, Brooke throws her bouquet and Donna catches it, and Ridge and Brooke cut the cake. Several of the wedding guests give toasts, congratulating the bride and groom. After all of the speeches, Brooke stands alone by Stephanie’s portrait. Then we hear Stephanie’s voice and see a bright light shining on the portrait. The voice tells Brooke that she has done well and wishes her a happy life with Ridge.

Wyatt and Liam are still commiserating in Liam’s hotel room. They talk about Wyatt’s relationship with Katie. Liam tells Wyatt to quit being so casual with Katie and let her know how he really feels. Wyatt decides to go to the wedding reception to express his feelings for Katie.

Thorne flirts with Katie when they are alone in the courtyard outside the reception. Their flirting ends in a kiss. Meanwhile Wyatt is at Katie’s house and decides to take a peek at the reception through the telescope. He furrows when he sees Katie and Thorne kissing.


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