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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 3/1/2018

Quinn Threatens Bill

Liam walks into the Forrester office with some paperwork for Hope but Steffy is there instead. He explains to Steffy that he’s working with Hope on the charitable part of HFTF. With that news, Steffy realizes that Hope and Liam will be spending a lot of time together. She asks Liam if he has feelings for Hope. Liam won’t answer. He just tells Steffy that he is focused on being a loving father. Steffy feels the baby kicking and they bond for a moment, feeling the baby kicking. Steffy invites Liam over for dinner but Liam says that he doesn’t know. Steffy says she’ll wait.

Quinn and Wyatt are talking about Bill. Wyatt is furious about the way Bill is acting. Quinn tells him that his father may turn his back on her but she won’t allow him to do that to Wyatt.

Justin draws up the paperwork to cut Liam and Wyatt out of all things Spencer, the company and Bill’s personal assets.

Quinn storms into Bill’s office and tells him that she won’t let him cut Wyatt out of his life. Quinn threatens Bill to bring Wyatt back into the company and back into his will, or he will be sorry because there is nothing she won’t do for Wyatt.

Hope confesses to Brooke that her feelings for Liam are growing and she’s having a hard time supporting Steffy’s marriage to him.


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