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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 3/6/2018

Who Hates Bill the Most?

Katie is served with legal papers showing that Bill is suing for full custody. Katie is devastated and Wyatt comforts her. He tells her that Bill will never take anything from anyone ever again. Wyatt vows to Katie that he will do whatever it takes to keep Bill from taking Will away from her.

Pam is still upset about what Bill did to Steffy. She tells everyone that Stephanie would have made sure that Bill could never touch Steffy again. Charlie tells Pam that he thinks she is overreacting and that she will feel better when she gets back on her meds. Rick is still furious about how he smeared Maya’s name awhile ago and says that someone needs to do something to stop Bill. Pam storms out of the office to go take care of things. Then Rick vows to Maya that he is going to stop Bill and he runs out of the office.

Jared and Justin chat in Bill’s office. Jared pours himself a drink and wonders how Bill can just throw him away after years of service. Then he threatens that Bill will regret this.

Quinn tells Eric that Bill will be stopped! She says that he is the cancer in everyone’s lives and that she will take him down. Eric says that he doesn’t want Quinn to put herself in that position, but Quinn still runs out of the house to “get this out of her system”.

Bill continues to talk to Ridge about how Steffy wants him and that he proposed to her, and even though she turned him down, he will ask again and she will say yes. Ridge can’t believe what he is hearing and glances over at Bill’s gun that’s lying on the table.

Justin calls Bill to see if he has signed the papers to cut Liam and Wyatt out of his company. Bill says that he hasn’t had a chance yet since Ridge came over to threaten him. Justin encourages Bill to hurry up and sign the papers. He is looking forward to replacing Bill if he ever has the chance. Ridge finally leaves Bill’s house without touching him.

It’s a windy, dark night in LA. Bill gets a call at home that the high winds have knocked out his security cameras but they are hoping to have them functioning again soon. Bill pours a drink and then reminisces about all of the people that he has wronged recently. Meanwhile, a dark shadowy figure sneaks down his driveway and into the house. The wind knocks the power out while Bill is looking out a window. The shadowy figure grabs Bill’s gun off the table and shoots him in the back. Bill goes down and the show ends.


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