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How Do I Get Cat Pee Out of My Carpet?

I can think of very few smells that are worse than cat urine, soaked into our carpet and padding. So when my husband told me that our son had discovered that our new kitty had peed in his fort in the family room, I was REALLY hoping there was another explanation, like maybe a spilled cup of apple juice that nobody wanted to admit to! Upon further inspection and blotting the carpet with half a roll of paper towels, it was definitely cat pee.

We had just adopted our 6 month old kitty and he had quickly endeared himself to everyone in our family. He is the source of giggles, snuggles, loud purring, and so much entertainment, even for our old dog. The new guy crouches on the kitchen chairs, waiting for the dog to walk by, and then he reaches through the ladder back chair and boxes the dog in the face.  Picture a 7 lb. slender gray cat vs. a 60 pound fluffy black dog! They won’t admit it, but they are becoming best friends. So as much as I hate the odor of cat urine, it is so worth the time it takes to figure out how to get rid of it. Pets make our lives so much richer.

We tried several different cleaning methods before we were satisfied that the smell was totally gone. First we treated the affected area with our Bissell Pro-Heat Upright Carpet Cleaner and the Bissell Pet Stain and Odor Formula. It pulled a lot of dirt out of the carpet and probably some of the urine, but it still smelled almost as bad as it had before we cleaned it.

Next we tried Oxiclean because we had some and are happy with the way it gets stains and odors out of laundry. We followed the directions on the package to find the right concentration of cleaner to water. We completely saturated the area with the Oxiclean and water mixture, then vacuumed it up with the Bissell. You could also use a shop vac. The smell was a little better, but we could still smell it, so we treated it 2 more times with the Oxiclean. That section of the carpet is now cleaner and brighter than any other part of our carpet! Make sure you test the Oxiclean on a hidden part of your carpet. We have very light carpet so it didn’t bleach or stain our carpet, but we don’t know what it would do to dark carpet.  After that, the smell was a lot better, but still not gone.

We read that white vinegar works to neutralize the ammonia in urine so we used a solution of 1 part vinegar, 2 parts water, and saturated the area with it. Again, we vacuumed it with the Bissell to dry it up as much as we could. Then we treated it one more time with the vinegar solution. That helped a great deal. It left a light vinegar smell, but we couldn’t smell cat pee anymore. By this time, the floor was soaked so we turned a box fan on it to try to dry it out. We turned a laundry basket upside down over it over night so that the fan would still blow through the holes in the basket, but the cat couldn’t get to it again.

When we woke up the next day, the floor was a lot dryer, but we could smell a faint urine smell. We decided that a trip to the pet store was in order. We ended up buying a gallon of Nature’s Miracle Urine Destroyer for $34.99. We saturated the area with it, turned on the box fan again, and let it dry over the course of several days. When it finally dried, we couldn’t smell urine at all anymore! We finally found something that worked. We also bought puppy pee pads to put down over the spot at night, when we couldn’t watch the cat. He did return to the scene of the crime and pee on the pads once, the day after we treated the carpet, but he hasn’t done it anymore and it has been several weeks. Keeping our fingers crossed!

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