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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 3/12/2018

Did Sheila Shoot Bill?

Ridge asks Sheila again if she did it. Did she kill Bill? While she doesn’t say yes, she does say that he asked her to kill him, and there is nothing she wouldn’t do to get back with Eric. Sheila says that IF she did it, he has himself to blame, but still doesn’t deny it. Then she says that she has done her time and is no longer a violent person. Then she tries to put the blame on Ridge, questioning why he was wearing gloves when he was at the bar the other night because it wasn’t that cold. Maybe he was covering up his fingerprints when he had been at the scene of the crime.

At the police station, the detectives talk about Ridge being a possible suspect but wonder why he would kill Bill now after years of hatred. They talk about wanting to take another look at Justin Barber because he has a lot to gain if Bill dies.

Wyatt continues to accuse Justin of being the one who shot his father, but Justin turns the tables and tells Wyatt that he and Katie have a lot to gain if Bill dies. Then he kicks Wyatt out of Bill’s office and says he has a company to run.

The detective visits Justin at Bill’s office. He has the documents with him that Bill was supposed to sign to cut his sons out of the company and put Justin in charge if anything should happen to Bill. Justin tells him that he should be looking into the sons, but the detective tells him that he would have just as much motive to kill Bill, if not more. Then he lets Justin know that Bill never signed the documents. Justin is surprised and a little angry. Justin tries to point the finger at Wyatt and Katie, then at Ridge.

Back at Forrester, Ridge tells Brooke that he thinks Sheila did it.  He explains that he was angry the other night and told her that she could do his family a favor and kill Bill, and he thinks she took that to heart and tried to do it. Brooke is worried that Ridge will be arrested if Sheila goes to the police. They discuss the long list of people who would have wanted to shoot him.

Wyatt, Quinn, and Eric are at the hospital, outside Bill’s room. Quinn is still furious with Bill and goes into his room to see him. While she’s in there, Eric tells Wyatt about Quinn being gone for a long time, the night that Bill was shot. They are both concerned that she could have done it. Quinn tells an unconscious Bill that he got what he deserved and she hopes the bullet was painful. She also eyes the equipment and the plug to his ventilator, and tells him that it’s tempting but she won’t pull the plug. When she comes out of Bill’s room, Wyatt asks her if she did it. She tells him that she could never kill the father of her own child.

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