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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 3/13/2018

Is Sally Spectra the Prime Suspect?

Liam asks Bill’s doctor if he’s going to be ok. The doctor said they are taking care good care of him, but they just don’t know yet.

The detective is still talking to Justin about who shot Bill. Justin steers him toward Bill’s sons and then points the finger at Sally Spectra. He explains the story about Bill running Sally out of business and destroying the Spectra building. Then he tells the detective about Sally taking a shot at the model of the skyscraper that Bill wanted to build. The detective finds out that Sally’s prints are on Bill’s gun. They are on the gun from the day she shot the skyscraper, but the same gun was also used to shoot Bill.

Liam goes in to talk to his Dad again. He is really worried about Bill. Steffy and Hope watch through the window in the waiting room and are surprised by Liam’s tender reaction to Bill.

Thomas asks Sally to come to New York with him and promises her that they can start their own fashion house. They obviously still have feelings for each other. Sally agrees to go because Thomas tells her that they can take her family and Saul along with them. Just then there is a knock on the door and it’s the detective, coming to ask Sally questions about Bill. Thomas asks the detective if he has met anyone yet that doesn’t want Bill Spencer dead.

When Liam comes out of Bill’s room, Steffy asks how Bill is doing. Liam says that he doesn’t know anything new and is frustrated because he doesn’t feel like the doctors and police are doing enough. Steffy tells him that it’s touching to see how much he cares about someone who hurt him so badly and hopes that some of that love he has will find its way back to her.

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