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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 3/14/2018

Who is the Mystery Woman Visiting Bill?

When the detective continues to grill Sally about why she hates Bill and where she was the night he was shot, Thomas jumps in to defend her. The detective realizes that Thomas also hates Bill for breaking up his relationship with Sally, when he concocted the lie about Caroline being sick. The detective goes back to the station and talks with his boss about the possible suspects so far. The list includes Ridge, Sally, Justin, Jarett, Liam, Wyatt, and now Thomas.

After the detective leaves, Thomas and Sally talk more about their plans to move to New York and start a new fashion house. Thomas calls to check on his son Douglas, who is staying with his grandmothers. He tells Sally that nobody has heard from Caroline for several days. Sally wonders if Thomas still cares for Caroline but he says he is furious with Caroline for lying to him for all of those months and will never have a relationship with her because he can’t trust her. Thomas and Sally make love on the sofa.

Liam, Steffy, and Hope continue to stay at the hospital. Liam is in and out of Bill’s room checking on him. Hope and Steffy commiserate with him for being confused about his feelings for Bill. He insists that he will probably never forgive Bill for what he did to him, but he didn’t deserve to be shot. He also wants to make sure the shooter is caught and brought to justice.

While Liam is talking with Steffy and Hope, a mystery woman sneaks into Bill’s room. At first we just see a trench coat and gloved hands. When a nurse tells the mystery woman that only family is allowed in the room, she turns and tells the nurse that she IS family. She is Bill’s niece, Caroline! After the nurse leaves, Caroline gets up in Bill’s still unconscious face and tells him that he has ruined her life. The lie that he made her tell Thomas, just so that he could build his precious skyscraper, got her the family she wanted for a few months. But now that Thomas knows the truth, he doesn’t want to be with her and she has lost everything. While Caroline is ranting, she puts her still gloved hands around Bill’s neck. Did Caroline shoot Bill??

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