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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 3/20/2018

The List of Possible Suspects Shrinks

Justin and Wyatt argue about who is legally in charge of running Spencer Publications. Justin claims that it’s him because Bill had papers drawn up to remove Wyatt and Liam from the company. Wyatt claims that it’s him because the papers were never signed. They also accuse each other of being the one who shot Bill.

While Liam, Hope, and Steffy are still at the hospital, the detective asks Liam if he is the one who shot his father. He knows about Bill sleeping with Steffy and asks Liam if that was his motivation. Liam was with Steffy the night that Bill was shot so he has an alibi. The detective says that he is headed to talk to Wyatt, who also has motivation to want Bill dead.

At Forrester, Brooke and Ridge talk about how Thomas came back to town and told Ridge what Bill had done to destroy Thomas and Sally’s relationship. Ridge asked Thomas if he was the person who shot Bill and Thomas denied it. Ridge believes him. Brooke hopes that Bill will pull through, while Ridge thinks that Bill got what he deserved.

Detective Sanchez walks into Bill’s office and overhears Justin and Wyatt arguing. They claim that they are just discussing business. After Justin leaves, the detective tells Wyatt that he knows about the engagement to Katie and that Bill was suing for full custody and asks if that was enough motive for Wyatt to have shot Bill. The scene ends before Wyatt can answer.

Back at his hotel room, Liam visits with Hope. Hope tells him about Bill proposing to Steffy the night that he was shot. She quickly says that Steffy turned him down, but she just feels like Liam should know. Liam is dumbfounded that his dad could do that to him.

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