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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 3/22/2018

Bill Wakes Up!

Bill wakes up with the detective in his room. He asks Bill if he know who shot him. Bill struggles to say yes.

Brooke and Ridge are with Hope in the Forrester office. Ridge can’t believe that Bill asked Steffy to marry him. Brooke defends Steffy, saying she turned him down flat. Hope says that she told Liam because he had the right to know.

Liam and Steffy are talking in Liam’s hotel room. Liam can’t believe that his own father proposed to his wife! Steffy is irritated that Hope told Liam because she was planning to tell him. Steffy tells Liam that his anger will rip him apart. Steffy tells him that he should put everything behind him and come back to her and their baby. Liam leaves to go talk to Bill.

The doctor tries to kick everyone out of Bill’s room so he can rest but Wyatt begs Bill to tell them who shot him. He chokes out “Forrester”. Wyatt and the detective ask him if he is absolutely sure and Bill says yes.

While Hope is meeting with people about HFTF, Steffy shows up to confront her about telling Liam about Bill’s marriage proposal. Hope continues to say that Liam deserves to know the truth. Steffy said that he deserved to hear the truth from HER, not Hope. She wants to know if Hope is trying to keep Liam churned up so that she can have him.

Liam shows up at the hospital to see Bill, but Wyatt stops him in the waiting room. He lets Liam know that Bill is awake and said that Ridge is the person who shot him.

Liam goes into the room to talk to Bill. Bill thanks him for coming. Liam asks him if he proposed to Steffy and why. Bill explains that he loves Steffy too and wanted her to know that she and the baby will be protected if Liam decides not to come back to her. Then he says that more than anything, he wants Steffy to be with Liam and that he is family. Then he apologizes to Liam.

Pam knocks on the office door to let Ridge know that he has some visitors. She lets detective Sanchez and another officer into the office. He announces that he has some questions for Ridge. The detective tells Ridge that Bill is awake and said that Ridge is the one who shot him. Ridge tells him that is ridiculous but the detective arrests Ridge for the shooting. Pam is watching through the crack in the door and has a horrified look on her face. Was Pam the real shooter?

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