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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 3/23/2018

Ridge is Arrested But Did He Really Shoot Bill?

Hope apologizes to Steffy if she stepped on her toes by telling Liam that Bill proposed to her, but she thought he had the right to know.

Liam talks to Bill about his accusation that Ridge shot him and tells him that he needs to be sure it was Ridge. Bill tells him that Ridge was at his house and they fought, he punched Ridge, and then Ridge left. He assumes that Ridge came back. Liam tells him that he needs to be sure. He tells Bill that if he sends the wrong guy to jail, the real shooter could try again. He asks again if Bill is sure and Bill whispers “Forrester”.

The detective hauls Ridge out of Forrester in handcuffs, while Ridge shouts that he didn’t do it. As they walk by a very guilty looking Pam, Brooke shouts to her to call their attorney, Carter.

Pam is eating lunch at Il Giardino. Maya sees her sitting there, looking very despondent. She asks what’s wrong and Pam explains that she’s upset because Ridge was arrested for shooting Bill. Sheila overhears and a devious smile spreads across her face.

Jarrett walks into Bill’s office where Justin is sitting at his desk. Justin explains that he is running things for now. Jarrett says he isn’t surprised that someone tried to take Bill out and asked if Justin is.

Brooke finds Steffy and Hope and tells Steffy that her father has been arrested for shooting Bill. The girls think it’s insane, so Brooke explains that Bill identified Ridge as the shooter. Brooke says that she is going to the hospital to try to talk some sense into Bill.

At the police station, Ridge tells the detectives that they are wasting their time and they need to be out there finding the real shooter.

Steffy calls Liam because she is upset about her father being arrested for Bill’s shooting. She tells Liam that she needs him and that she needs him to put all of this aside and come back to her. Liam quickly says that he needs to go and gets off the phone.

Brooke goes to visit Bill in the hospital. She confronts him about why he accused Ridge. She gets him to admit that it was dark and he was shot in the back. She tells him there was no way he saw who shot him! She asks if he is setting Ridge up and tries to make him admit that Ridge didn’t do it.

At the police station, Ridge demands to see his lawyer and claims that Bill is just accusing him because they have a long time hatred for each other and this is his revenge. He demands that the detective finds the real shooter.

At the end of the show there is a montage of several of the people who could have been the shooter. They are all seeing the breaking news on their phones, that Ridge was arrested for the attempted murder of Bill Spencer. Was it Justin? Jarrett? Pam? Sheila? Or could it have been one of the other half dozen suspects posted on the board at police headquarters?

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