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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 3/28/2018

An Unlikely Suspect

Steffy and Hope bicker over Hope’s motive for telling Liam about Bill’s marriage proposal to Steffy. Steffy wants to know what Hope really wants for Liam. Hope says that she wants Liam to have a happy, stable family, but Steffy wants to know if she really means that or if she thinks Liam would be better off with her. Hope unleashes on Steffy and tells her that Liam deserves someone who appreciates him. When Steffy says that she does appreciate him, Hope tells her to start acting like it and Steffy storms out.

At the hospital, Liam grills Bill about how he would know that Ridge is the person who shot him. Liam angrily tells Bill that there is no way he saw Ridge shoot him. Bill gets upset and admits that he didn’t see Ridge but knows it was him because Ridge was at his house earlier and they fought. Plus he knows how much Ridge hates him. The doctor comes in and shuffles Liam out of the room, saying that Bill needs to stay calm and rest. As Liam walks out of Bill’s room, things get blurry and Liam is woozy.

Detective Sanchez wonders if Brooke and Ridge are telling the truth about Ridge not being the shooter, and wonders if the real shooter is still on the loose.

Eric and Quinn talk about how there is no way that Ridge shot Bill. Quinn points out that there is a long list of people who hate him enough to have done it.

The detective points out that Quinn has a history of violent behavior and wants to check into her dark side.

Liam leaves the hospital and is driving in the dark, replaying Bill’s words about Ridge shooting him in the back. Liam is sweating and swerving and obviously extremely upset by Bill’s account of the shooting.

Detective Sanchez shows up at Forrester Creations to grill Quinn about her relationship to Bill and where she was the night that Bill was shot. Eric and Quinn both insist that she is innocent. The detective continues to ask her questions and wants to know about her past relationship with Liam, especially when she kidnapped him.

While still in his car, shaking and hearing Bill’s voice in his head, Liam sees that Hope is calling him. When Liam reaches for the phone, it falls on the floor of the car. As he feels around on the floor of the car, he feels a glove, picks it up and looks at it like he has never seen it before, then looks at the tag inside. He flashes back to Detective Sanchez telling him that whoever shot Bill, wore sheepskin gloves. Liam sees that the tag in his glove says 100% sheepskin. Did Liam shoot Bill and he just can’t remember?

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