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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 3/29/2018

Liam’s Horrifying Realization

Liam is crying and shaking after finding the glove in his car.

Hope is getting worried because she has texted Liam several times and he hasn’t answered.

Detective Sanchez continues to ask Quinn questions. He wants to know more about the time she kidnapped Liam. Eric doesn’t want her to answer any questions but Quinn says she doesn’t mind because she has nothing to hide.

Brooke is upset about Ridge being falsely accused. Hope tells her not to worry because the truth will come out when there is no solid evidence against Ridge.

Back in his hotel room, Liam has flashback memories. He sees Bill down on one knee proposing to Steffy. He sees the steps up to his father’s house at night. Then he sees Bill getting shot and falling down. He looks at himself in the mirror and wonders what is going on.

Brooke decides to go see Bill so she can try to get him to drop this ridiculous story about Ridge shooting him.

Quinn goes into detail with the detective about Liam’s concussion and how it was like his brain was wiped clean. He had no idea who he was. Quinn explains that she kept Liam at the cabin to try to give her son Wyatt a chance with Steffy. She says that she knows it was wrong, but everyone has gotten past it.

Liam continues to have flashbacks of the evening when Bill was shot. He clearly sees himself picking up his dad’s gun and shooting him.

At the hospital, Brooke warns Bill that even though he thinks he’s getting back at Ridge, the real shooter is still out there and will probably try again. Brooke tells him that if she ever meant anything to him, he will take a long look at what happened that night and will realize what she already knows, that Ridge is innocent.

Liam has flashback memories of finding out that Steffy slept with Bill. Hope knocks on Liam’s door and he tells her to go away. He finally lets her in and she can tell that he is really upset. Liam tells her that he was there and saw his dad propose to his wife. Liam tells Hope that he knows Ridge didn’t shoot Bill because he knows who did. Hope is confused and getting upset. She asks what he is talking about. Liam confesses to Hope that he was the one who shot Bill.

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