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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 3/30/2018

Bill Finds Out Who Shot Him

Liam continues to tell Hope that he shot Bill, while she insists that there is no way he did it.

Bill tells Brooke that he knows that Ridge shot him. Brooke keeps insisting that there is no way Bill saw Ridge shoot him, in the dark, in the back. Bill is positive that he almost died because of Ridge and now Ridge is going to pay.

Thorne visits Ridge in jail. Ridge says he didn’t do it. Thorne tells Ridge that he believes him and he’s going to help get him out of here and get him home. Thorne tells Ridge that they are questioning Quinn.

Liam continues to have flashback memories of the night Bill was shot and insists that he’s the one who shot his dad. Hope doesn’t believe that he is capable of doing such a thing. Liam grabs his head in pain.

Brooke goes to the police station to talk to detective Sanchez. She tells him that after talking to Bill, she would bet her life that Bill didn’t see his own shooter. He tells Brooke that he is also questioning Quinn. Brooke turns it around on him and says that if he is questioning Quinn, then that means he isn’t sure of Ridge’s guilt.

Ridge defends Quinn to Steffy and Thorne. He insists that she has changed from her old ways and would not have done this. Steffy thinks maybe she is covering for the person who did.

Liam shows Hope the lambskin gloves that he found in his car and insists he is guilty. Hope tells him that he is imagining the shooting, rather than remembering facts. Liam lies on the floor with his head in Hope’s lap and says that he did it. He shot his own father.

Steffy tells Ridge that she asked Liam to talk to his father to get him to admit that he didn’t see Ridge shoot him. Steffy says that Liam will help them figure out who the real shooter is.

Liam tells Hope that he holds the rest of the world to impossible standards, but it turns out that he’s a fraud. Liam grabs his phone and starts dialing the police to turn himself in. Hope swats the phone out of his hand before he can do it. She says that if he did this, then Bill drove him to it, and she is not letting him take the fall. She tells him that she doesn’t want to lose him because she loves him. Liam insists that he needs to turn himself in so the police will let Ridge go. Hope tells him that he is not going to spend the rest of his life in prison for being broken by Bill and Steffy’s betrayal. She grabs his hand and drags him out of his hotel room.

Brooke yells at detective Sanchez for not listening to her and letting Ridge go. She insists that she is not letting her husband spend one more night in jail for a crime he didn’t commit.

Hope takes Liam to the hospital to talk to Bill. Liam goes into Bill’s room and tells him that Ridge didn’t shoot him. Bill is annoyed because they have already had this conversation and asks who it was then. Liam tells Bill that he did it.

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