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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 3/7/2018

Too Many People Wanted Bill Dead

Bill is lying on the floor, unconscious, with a bullet hole in his back.

Brooke worries because she doesn’t know where Ridge is. She tells Hope that Bill proposed to her and worries about how Ridge would react if he found out. Ridge isn’t responding to her texts so she continues to worry.

Eric leaves a message for Quinn to call him because he’s worried about her leaving so upset.

Katie walks into Bill’s dark house and calls for him.  She sees that back door open and goes to close it and trips over Bill’s body. Katie shrieks and can’t believe what she sees.

Liam shows up at the beach house to Steffy’s delight. He seems really shaken. Steffy hopes that they can relax, have dinner, and spend some time together. Liam tells Steffy that he probably shouldn’t stay.

Quinn returns home. Eric tells her that he was worried about her. She is still angry and says that a mother has to protect her son.

Wyatt arrives at Katie’s looking for her, but nobody is home. He pulls something out of his jacket that is wrapped up but looks like a gun and lays it on the bar. Then he pours himself a drink.

Katie calls 911 as she leans over Bill’s body, crying. The paramedics stabilize Bill to take him to the hospital. The police ask Katie if she heard or saw anything.

Ridge sits at the bar at Il Giardino, obviously upset. Sheila stops to talk to him. One of the other employees tells Sheila that he didn’t think she was coming into work tonight because she is super late.

Ridge finally goes home. Brooke immediately notices the bruise on his face and asked if Bill did that and wants to know what happened. Ridge tells Brooke that Bill proposed to Steffy, then declares that people like Bill don’t deserve to walk this planet.

At the hospital, the police ask Katie if she knows of anyone who would want to hurt Bill. Katie tries to call Wyatt, but he doesn’t answer because he is passed out drunk on Katie’s couch. Then she calls Liam and tells him that his father has been shot and is in surgery, and it doesn’t look good. Liam seems to be surprised. He turns to Steffy and tells her that his father has been shot.

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