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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 3/8/18

Nobody Is Really Shocked to Hear the News About Bill

It’s all over the news that media mogul Bill Spencer has been shot and they don’t know if he will live or not.

Steffy and Liam meet Katie at the hospital and they are all in shock over what has happened.

Wyatt wakes up on Katie’s sofa, hung over.

Quinn wakes up and Eric brings her coffee in bed. Eric tells Quinn that she tossed and turned and mumbled in her sleep all night. Then he tells her that he heard on the news that Bill was shot and doesn’t think Quinn seems surprised.

Brooke asks Ridge if he is ok and tells him that he didn’t sleep well.

Bill’s doctor tells Katie, Liam, and Steffy that Bill is stable but unconscious.

Rick tells Maya that there is a special place in hell for someone like Bill Spencer and the sooner he goes there, the better.

In the Forrester lobby, Charlie is concerned about Pam because she looks awful and she is in the same clothes she was wearing yesterday. Pam tells Charlie that she can’t remember where she was last night because she had one of her “episodes”. Charlie has the pharmacy deliver Pam’s medication and she takes a pill.

Wyatt returns Katie’s call and finds out that Bill was shot.

Justin goes to Bill’s house, looking for the documents that Bill was supposed to sign so he could file them. The police are there investigating and ask Justin who could have done this to Bill. The detective won’t give him the documents to file since they are now evidence. Justin explains that Bill was disinheriting his sons so the detective should check into both of them, as well as the long list of people who would want Bill out of the way.

Brooke runs into the bedroom to tell Ridge that she just heard on the news that Bill was shot. Ridge doesn’t seem surprised and tells Brooke that it was only a matter of time before someone did this to Bill. Brooke asks Ridge if he tried to kill Bill.

Maya’s father calls her at the office to tell her that he heard that Bill was shot and might not make it. When Maya tells Rick, he doesn’t seem shocked.

The doctor tells Katie that they can see Bill now, but only one person at a time. Liam goes in to see him. Liam talks to Bill and says that despite his anger toward him, he doesn’t want him to die. He begs Bill to fight and vows to bring whomever did this to justice.

Eric tells Quinn that she was gone a long time with no explanation and wants to know if she shot Bill. Quinn is offended that Eric even asked her.

Katie asks Wyatt if he shot Bill.

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