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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 3/9/2018

Today’s Theme…It Wasn’t Me!

Wyatt tells Katie that it doesn’t matter how angry he is, he never would have shot his father.

While Liam is talking to Bill, he stirs a bit.

Justin calls the detective to see if he can have those papers that Bill supposedly signed. The detective tells him that they are evidence and he’ll get them when the investigation is over and hangs up on him.

Thomas stops into Bill’s office, looking for him. Justin tells Thomas that Bill was shot and he’s in charge now.

Ridge tells Brooke that he didn’t shoot Bill but he would like to shake the hand of the man who did.

Katie explains to Liam, Steffy, and Hope that she was going to talk to Bill about him suing for custody of Will. She lets them know that he was doing that because he was angry about her engagement to Wyatt. They all congratulate Katie and Wyatt.

Thomas visits Sally and apologizes to her for hurting her. He also fills her in on Bill’s lie about Caroline being sick, so that Thomas would stay with her and not Sally, causing Sally’s clothing line to fail. Thomas says that he will always be grateful for the time that he had with his son, but that he hates Bill. Sally does too. Thomas asks Sally if she was the one who shot Bill.

The police detective arrives at Forrester to interview Ridge because they saw his car coming and going at Bill’s house the night of the shooting. Ridge tells the detective that he didn’t do it and offers to let the detective swab his hands for gun powder residue. The detective doesn’t do that but does tell him not to leave town. After the detective leaves, Ridge tells Brooke that he thinks he knows who did it and quickly leaves the Forrester office.

Wyatt goes into Bill’s hospital room and talks to his still unconscious father. He apologizes for things getting so out of hand between them.

Wyatt goes back to Spencer to take care of things and finds Justin sitting in his dad’s desk chair. Justin tells Wyatt that Bill signed papers to make him next in line to run the company, and cut his sons out of his business. Wyatt asks if Justin has even been to visit Bill in the hospital and then accuses him of being the one who shot Bill.

Ridge goes to Il Giardino and asks Sheila if she is the one who tried to kill Bill. She turns and glares at him but doesn’t answer.

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