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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 4/10/2018

Will Bill Accept Wyatt’s and Katie’s Engagement?

Bill continues to tell Liam that he should be with Hope. He is dumbfounded that Bill is trying to trade his son’s freedom for his son’s wife! Liam tells Bill that he isn’t willing to just move on and Bill tells him to cut the “sanctimonious crap”. He wants Liam to consider what HE has been through.  Bill tells him that if Liam forgives him, he will forgive Liam. He says that Liam can be happy with Hope and they can all raise this child together. Bill admits that he wants Steffy and that she belongs with him because she was with him first.

Thorne jokingly accuses Katie of being a cradle robber. Katie tells him that the age difference is not her biggest problem. Bill is. She also thinks that Wyatt will be a patient and loving father to her son. Thorne asks her again if she’s willing to risk custody of her son to be with Wyatt. Wyatt walks in on their conversation and accuses Thorne of being jealous.

Steffy wants to know why Hope is no longer rooting for her marriage to Liam. Hope explains that Liam has changed, so she can no longer support the marriage. Hope says that she has never been more worried about Liam than she is right now. She also says that Bill won’t stop coming after Steffy until he has her.

Katie and Wyatt hope that the shooting has changed Bill and that he will mellow about their relationship.

When Liam reiterates that Bill destroyed his family the night that he slept with Steffy, Bill tells him that it happened for a reason and it’s going to continue to happen, over and over. Liam gets furious and kicks Bill out of his hotel room.

Back at Spencer Publications, Bill walks into his office and finds Wyatt behind his desk. Wyatt tells him that he’s glad Bill is ok, despite everything that happened before Bill was shot. Wyatt asks Bill if he can accept that he’s going to marry Katie and drop his full custody lawsuit. Wyatt wants to run the company with Bill and put the past behind them. Bill listens but hasn’t answered yet.

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