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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 4/11/2018

Did Bill Finally Break Wyatt and Katie Up?

Bill tells Wyatt that his engagement to Katie is wrong and if he pursues this marriage, then he and Katie will both pay the price. Bill says that Wyatt will be disrespecting him and the family if he marries Katie. Bill tells him that if he does what he is asking, end the marriage to Katie, then he will inherit the whole company. If he doesn’t, he will get nothing.

Thorne asks Katie again if she really wants to marry Wyatt, knowing the consequences. Thorne points out that she has made bad choices in the past when it comes to men.  Thorne tells Katie that she doesn’t have to marry Wyatt, and she doesn’t have to be alone. He smiles at her, indicating that he wants to be with her.

Brooke wanders into the office at Forrester and asks Ridge what he’s thinking about. Ridge says he is thinking about Bill, falsely accusing him.  He could have spent his life in jail for a crime he didn’t commit.

Bill commits to Wyatt that he will step down in 5 years and leave the company to Wyatt, as long as Wyatt will end his engagement to Katie. Wyatt asks him if he will put that in writing and Bill says he will.

Ridge goes to confront Bill about falsely accusing him of shooting him.

Wyatt goes to Forrester to talk to Katie about his impromptu meeting with Bill. He fills her in on Bill’s proposal. Katie says she knows that he wants to run the company and asks what Wyatt told him in response.

While Bill is resting on his sofa at home, Ridge knocks and comes in. He tells Bill that he wants him to tell the truth about setting him up.

Wyatt tells Katie that he told Bill that he loves Katie but didn’t give him a solid answer. Katie wants Wyatt to be able to run his dad’s company and she doesn’t want a custody battle with Bill. They agree that they can still have a relationship and not be married, and that will solve their problems with Bill. Katie gives him the ring back, ending the engagement, but they still plan to be together.

Bill explains to Ridge, that given their relationship, and Ridge’s recent threats, he actually thought it was Ridge who shot him. But then he realized that Ridge didn’t have the guts to have done it. Ridge tells Bill to do the right thing and stay away from Steffy.

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