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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 4/13/2018

Liam Didn’t Do It…You’ll Never Guess Who Did!

When Liam confesses to shooting Bill, Steffy insists that he couldn’t do something like that.

Taylor pulls up an ultrasound picture of Liam and Steffy’s baby and yells at Bill for ruining what should be the happiest time in their lives. As she was digging in her purse for her phone, we could also see Lambskin gloves. Could Taylor have shot Bill and Liam is remembering incorrectly? Taylor insists that Bill targeted Steffy.

Steffy finally believes Liam, hugs him, and tells him that this is all her fault. He explains that he just has fuzzy memories of the whole thing because he blocked it out.

Ridge and Brooke are talking at Forrester. Ridge tells Brooke that he filled Taylor in on everything since she is Steffy’s mother. Brooke doesn’t think that was wise because Taylor tends to overreact.

Steffy thinks that maybe Liam is just having false memories because Liam tells her that he was mad but never wanted Bill dead. Liam tells Steffy that Bill and Hope know. Steffy is hopeful that the police won’t find out. Liam is worried about what he is capable of doing in the future.

Bill tells Taylor that he’s heard enough of her accusations and it’s time for her to go. Taylor screams over and over that she hates Bill for what he did to Steffy.

Liam makes Steffy promise to protect their daughter from him because he’s scared of what he might do. Steffy isn’t convinced that it was Liam. She asks him a lot of questions about that night and things don’t add up for her. She thinks he is just remembering things from the police report.

Bill tells Taylor that he plans to be there for Steffy and the baby if Liam won’t be there.  He attacks Taylor for not being a more involved mom and protecting Steffy earlier. Taylor tells him that she WAS in town earlier, on a windy night, when the lights were going on and off. Bill pieces together that she is talking about the night that he was shot.  She starts talking about how she walked through the open gate, up the stairs, and saw him looking out the window. Then she told him how she picked up his gun, intending to scare him that night, as she is picking it up again, loading it, and aiming it at him. She gets ready to pull the trigger and Bill yells “Taylor don’t!”

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