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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 4/16/18

Taylor Confesses to Bill and Steffy

Steffy insists to Liam that he didn’t shoot Bill.

Taylor continues to hold a gun on Bill and yell at him for ruining Steffy’s marriage.

Brooke and Ridge worry that Taylor is back in town and probably went to confront Bill.

Steffy tells Liam that they need to tell Bill that it wasn’t Liam and that the shooter is still out there.

Taylor says that she never should have been there that night and never should have done what she did. Then she drops Bill’s gun.

Steffy tells Liam that he isn’t violent and no matter what he saw that night, she knows that it wasn’t him.

Taylor says she came back to town to clear Ridge’s name because she couldn’t let him take the fall for shooting Bill. She also tells Bill that he has done horrible things, but what she did to him was worse.

Liam can’t understand why Steffy isn’t afraid of him. She assures him that he isn’t capable of doing such a thing. Steffy gets an alert from her phone that her mom is town, which she thinks is strange because Taylor didn’t tell her she was coming. Steffy takes off to go find Taylor, after telling Liam that she loves him and he is exactly the kind of man that she and their baby need.

Bill yells at Taylor that he never hurt Steffy. Then it dawns on him that Liam didn’t do it. He’s relieved that his own son didn’t try to kill him. Steffy walks in to Bill’s house, sees Taylor crying, and demands to know what is going on.

Liam goes back to his hotel room, hears Steffy’s voice saying that he didn’t do it, and sees fuzzy memories of the night Bill was shot.

Taylor says that she was just trying to protect her daughter. Bill tells her that she needs to tell Steffy what she did. Steffy tells Bill that she came to tell him that Liam didn’t shoot him. Taylor tells her she’s right. She knows Liam didn’t shoot Bill because it was her. She shot Bill.  Steffy is shocked and horrified.

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