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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 4/17/2018

Will Bill Turn Taylor In?

Steffy doesn’t believe that Taylor shot Bill. She thinks Bill is making Taylor say she did it. Taylor tells her that she just lost it and shot him.

Hope knocks on Liam’s hotel room door with food for him. She wants to know what happened with Steffy when Liam told her that he shot his dad.

Steffy is relieved that Liam didn’t do it because she thought that she and Bill drove him to it. She is horrified though that Taylor did it.

Liam tells Hope that Steffy doesn’t think he did it. He reiterates the events of the night Bill was shot and insists to Hope that he is the one who shot Bill. Hope doesn’t believe that his memories are real because he is too good to have shot someone.

Taylor tells Steffy that she was defending her from someone who sexually abused her. Steffy tells her that she’s wrong and that it was consensual. Steffy thinks that Taylor might need some professional help. Taylor begs Bill not to send her to prison. Steffy also asks Bill not to go to the police.

Liam gets upset with Hope for defending him. He tells her he doesn’t even deserve her friendship, let alone her love. He tells her that she needs to leave because he doesn’t even know who he is anymore.

Bill doesn’t want to let Taylor off for shooting him. Steffy tells him that she and he are responsible for putting her in this state. Taylor cries and begs Bill not to send her to prison because she won’t live through it. Steffy tells him that he should be focused on the fact that his son didn’t do this and begs him not to turn Taylor in. Bill finally agrees that he won’t say anything for now and will stick with his story that he didn’t see who shot him.

Steffy leaves to go tell Liam that he didn’t shoot Bill. Taylor and Bill are left behind to talk. Taylor apologizes for bringing violence into his home, that used to be her home.  He offers her a glass of water. She tells him that she was just defending her daughter and he would probably do the same for his children. Taylor tells him that he has saved her life and she owes him everything. Bill tells her that he is letting her off for Steffy’s sake.

Steffy can’t tell Liam that Taylor was the one who shot Bill, but she tells him that Taylor helped Bill remember the facts surrounding the shooting and Bill says that it wasn’t Liam. Liam is skeptical because he still has memories of the evening.

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