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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 4/18/2018

Steffy and Bill Finally Convince Liam That He Isn’t Guilty

At Bill’s house, Bill and Taylor are still talking. Bill tells Taylor that he didn’t PROMISE not to turn her in. She begs him not to send her to prison and he says that he will keep this a secret for now.

Liam still insists that he shot his father even though Steffy continues to tell him that Bill says it wasn’t him. Liam says that Bill would say anything to make Steffy happy, so Bill’s word doesn’t mean anything to him.

Taylor asks Bill to stay away from Steffy and respect her marriage. Bill says that she doesn’t have much of a marriage right now. Taylor knows that he still wants Steffy.

Steffy manages to poke holes in the fuzzy memories that Liam has of the night he shot Bill. She asks him how he got in the house. Liam doesn’t have a key. He also remembers it being quiet that night, but there was a howling wind storm. Steffy assures him that he didn’t do it. Liam starts to believe her.

Taylor vows to continue to try to protect her daughter. Bill points out that he can stop her anytime by calling the police. Then he tells her how he and Steffy have grown closer, like they used to be and if Liam doesn’t want her, he does. He loves Steffy.

Steffy tells Liam that a concussion doesn’t turn someone into a different person and Liam isn’t capable of shooting someone. She tells him to call Bill so he can verify that it wasn’t Liam. Liam says that he will go see his dad and thanks Steffy for believing in him. She hugs him and tells him that she always will.

Steffy returns home and finds Taylor there waiting for her. She came to thank Steffy for intervening with Bill and to say goodbye. She thinks it’s best if she goes far away. Taylor tells Steffy that Bill is in love with her and wants to know what she’s going to do about it.

Liam knocks on Bill’s door. Bill welcomes him in. Liam says that he still isn’t sure that he didn’t do it. Bill insists that it wasn’t Liam. Liam says that despite everything Bill did to him, he never wanted him dead. Bill says he really always knew that. Bill swears to Liam on his unborn grandchild that Liam didn’t shoot him. Liam tearfully says “It wasn’t me” and is relieved.

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