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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 4/19/2018

Bill Puts Taylor’s Freedom in Steffy’s Hands

Liam is relieved that he isn’t the person who shot Bill. Then he wants to know who DID shoot Bill if it wasn’t him.

Steffy can’t believe that Taylor shot Bill. Steffy assures Taylor that she will make sure nobody finds out. She also thinks that Taylor needs to get help. Taylor says she will get help, but Steffy needs to stay away from Bill.

Hope and Maya discuss her Hope for the Future line. Maya wants to know if Liam will be helping her with the line.

Taylor tells Steffy that she will get help but that she’s going to leave town for now. She hugs a tearful Steffy, and tells her to be the best mother she can be to her little girl.

Hope knocks on Liam’s hotel room door. He welcomes her in and joyfully tells her how Steffy helped him to realize that he couldn’t have shot Bill, and that Bill confirmed it.  Hope is thrilled and jumps into his arms. Hope tells him that he has a kind and gentle soul and she knew there was no way he was guilty.

Bills visits Steffy at her home and tells her that now that he has done something for her, it’s time for Steffy to do something for him. He wants her to sign the annulment papers that Liam gave her awhile ago. That will force Liam to make a decision. He will either rip them up or he will file them and move on with his life, probably with Hope. Then he says that if Liam moves on, he hopes that Steffy will open her heart to him and admit that she has feelings for him too. Bill is leaving for a business trip and tells her that he wants her to sign the papers and think about Taylor’s freedom.

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