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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 4/2/2018

Will Bill Turn Liam in to the Police?

Bill tells Liam that there’s no way he was the shooter. He is sure it was Ridge.

Brooke tells detective Sanchez that Bill hates Ridge so much that he would rather see Ridge rot in jail than be safe from the real shooter.

Steffy assures Ridge that Liam will get through to Bill about Ridge not being guilty.

In the waiting room at the hospital, Hope replays Liam’s words in her head. He told Hope that he shot his father.

Bill insists that Liam couldn’t have shot him. Liam tells Bill that he saw him on bended knee, in front of his pregnant wife. Bill wants to know why Liam didn’t just stop him then. Why would he go to Bill’s house later and shoot him? Liam explains that he tripped over a branch and hit his head and probably gave himself a concussion, like the last time he lost his memory.  It finally sinks in with Bill that Liam shot him and he calls Liam a bastard!

Brooke begs the detective to go back and talk to Bill to try to get him to tell the truth.

Hope listens outside Bill’s room as Liam and Bill shout at each other. Bill tells Liam what an awful son he is and Liam tells Bill that he drove him to it, because he slept with his wife and then proposed to the mother of his own grandchild. Hope runs in and tells them to lower their voices. She also tells Bill that he is going to make sure that Ridge is set free and that Liam never sees the inside of a jail cell, and that’s the very least he owes Liam for destroying his marriage.

Detective Sanchez walks into Bill’s room as Hope is telling Bill that he is just as much to blame for being shot as Liam is. The detective comes to see if Bill is still going to testify that Ridge is the one who shot him. Bill surprises him when he says, no, he can’t testify to that. He says that he can’t say for sure that it was Ridge and he is almost sure it wasn’t. The detective asks him what he has remembered to make him so sure that it wasn’t Ridge.

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