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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 4/20/2018

Steffy Sets Liam Free

Hope returns to see Liam the next day. She is still so happy that Liam is free from guilt. She tells him to set himself free from Steffy and Bill.

Ridge asks Steffy why Taylor left town without even talking to him. Steffy is a little upset with Ridge for getting Taylor all stirred up about her night with Bill.

Katie announces to Brooke that her engagement to Wyatt is off so that Wyatt can still help run his family business and so that Bill won’t come after her for custody of Will.

Hope continues to tell Liam to put the Bill and Steffy chapter of his life behind him. She tells him that they are toxic waste in his life. Hope offers to help him move out of the crummy hotel room he has been living in and then kisses him.  Immediately after the kiss, Steffy calls Liam to tell him that she has the annulment papers ready for him, and asks him to come over. Hope tells him that it’s time for him to do what he needs to do to move on.

Hope goes home and tells her mom that she thinks that it’s time for Liam’s marriage to Steffy to end. She’s hoping that Steffy will sign the annulment papers.

Liam goes to the beach house and wants to know what changed Steffy’s mind about signing the papers. Steffy says that she doesn’t really have a choice. Liam has no idea that Bill is blackmailing her with Taylor’s freedom if she doesn’t sign the papers.

Brooke is shocked that Hope wants more from Liam than friendship. She wanted Hope to support Steffy and Liam for the baby’s sake.

Steffy says she is giving Liam the papers and he can do what he wants with them, but she will always love him. She tells him that she still wants a life with him but feels like she has no choice but to let him go. She still wants his forgiveness and their marriage and hopes he doesn’t take the papers, but now their future is up to him. Liam looks confused and suspicious about why Steffy has suddenly changed her mind and signed the papers, but he says nothing.

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